Ventrilo - Device - Logitech – G35

The Ventrilo client program has built in support for the Logitech G35 Headset. In this document will be information about how to use the special G# buttons on the headset. While the program has built in support for the G# buttons you must first instruct the G35’s associated Control Panel (also called a CP) to send notifications to the Ventrilo client when one or more of the buttons is pressed.

Important: You must have the G35’s drivers and Control Panel installed and operational before you start the Ventrilo client in order for the following features to be functional.

In the G35’s control panel there are two modes that the buttons can be programmed to function as in relation to the Ventrilo client. You would select the Name “Ventrilo” for each of the G# buttons under the control panels “Application” heading. Then, next to each of these there is another pulldown under the heading of “Action”. These actions have to distinct modes.

Mode 1:

A list of 3 specifically designed functions.

Microphone Mute
Sound Mute
Push to talk

When set to either of these options the Ventrilo client needs no further configuration changes in order to execute the desired feature.

Mode 2:

A list of 3 generic commands.

Ventrilo Command 1
Ventrilo Command 2
Ventrilo Command 3

When set to either of these options the Ventrilo client will detect the unique G# button (1, 2 or 3) and can be used as a bind key or hotkey and will be detected by the Bindings editor or the Setup-Voice hotkey. When detected the hotkey, or bind, will be displayed as “Logitech G35: Button 1”, Button 2 or Button 3. This mode gives you the flexibility to assign what Ventrilo function the G buttons execute as you see fit.