Ventrilo - Commanding Targets

Commanding Targets are basically virtual channels for sending text based commanding messages that can be spoken using Text-To-Speech and/or displayed using the Video Overlay features of the program. The primary use is for one or more people to send text oriented commanding messages to a larger group of people of a specific target group. These text messages can be entered manually into the Commanding Targets window or bound to a series of Bindable keys / buttons just like the TTS and Wave File binds.

Only certain accounts are allowed to receive-from and/or transmit-to certain targets. You must have an account on the server in order to be part of a target group.

If you wish to be added or removed from a commanding target group then you will need to ask the person who created your account on the server or a Server Admin.

Name / Can transmit

This window will display all of the commanding target groups that you are a member of. If you are allowed to transmit to a group then the word "Yes" will appear in the “Can Transmit” column for each target that you have that right for.

If this window is empty then you are not a member of any commanding target groups.

Messages window (No title)

This is the window just to the right of the Name / Can transmit window. It will display all incoming Commanding messages. In addition to the text being sent by you or another user the date, time and name of the person sending the message will also be displayed.

Enter Text (No title)

This one line window is just below the Name / Can transmit window. This is where you can enter a text message to be sent to one or more of the target groups.

Send Silently

When this option is checked it will prevent the receiving clients from announcing any commanding messages you send via this window. However, it will not effect whether or not a Video Overlay of the message is displayed.

Please be courteous of other users when you uncheck this option. You could wind up annoying other users that are members of the target group who might start lodging complaints about your actions, which could result in your account being locked.

Auto Open

If this option is checked and the Commanding Targets window is closed when a new message is received from another user, then the Commanding Targets window will be automatically opened so that the message can be displayed.

Note: If you have this option enabled and you have another application in full screen mode, such as a video game, then its possible that this will cause your game to switch to ‘Windowed Mode’ and the focus changed to this window when a new message comes in. This problem was encountered during development and solved simply by installing the latest version of the Video Cards drivers.


This button is enabled only if you have selected one or more names in the list of target groups and only if one or more of the selected names has the ‘Can Transmit’ right. Note: You can transmit only to those targets that you have the transmit right for, even if one target does and another selected target does not.


This button will close the Commanding Targets window. Closing the window will have no effect on whether or not you receive the commanding target messages.


This button will display this help window.