Ventrilo - Rank list

Ranks are both visual and functional.

Visual: If an account is assigned a rank then all other users will see the abbreviated form of the rank in front of the users account name in the main Ventrilo window.

Functional: Each rank is assigned a Level value between 0 and 100. If the associated rank level is greater then or equal to a channels "Transmit Rank Level" and the channels "Voice Mode" is Queued or Muted then when the user joins that channel they will be automatically un-muted. Whereas, anyone with a Rank Level below the channels Transmit Rank Level will be automatically muted. A Channel or Server Admin can still manually unmute a muted user so that they can transmit.

Note: Pro servers are currently limited to a maximum of 100 ranks. The Public 8 slot servers are limited to 4 ranks.

Abbrev / Level / Description

This window will display all of the available ranks that have been created on the server. The Abbrev(iation) is what will be displayed in front of a users account name if a rank has been assigned to them. The Description will be displayed here and in the User Editor window.


This button will open a new window so that you can create a new Rank definition.


This button will allow you to edit the selected item in the Abbrev window.


This button will allow you to delete the selected item in the Abbrev window.


This button will close the Rank list window.


This button will display this help window.