Ventrilo - User Editor

Only one client connected to the server can access the User Editor function at any given time. Should another client have the window open when you try to activate it then you will receive an error message from the server which will inform you as to what client name is currently accessing the User Editor. Contact that user to ask that he close his copy of the window which will allow you to activate your copy. If all else fails that user can be “kicked” off the server (if you have access rights) which will allow you access to the User Editor.

The Public 8 slot version of the server is limited to a maximum of 50 unique account login names. The Pro version of the server is substantially larger.

For more information and suggestions regarding user accounts please visit the User Access Rights page.

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Info - Network - Transmit - Display - Admin - Chan Admin - Chan Auth

Current Users

The Current Users list displays the account names that you have created or been assigned ownership of.

With Server Admin rights: The window will display a complete list of account names on this server.

Without Server Admin rights: The window will display a list of account names that you have created or a Server Admin has assigned ownership to you.


This option displays a list of pre-defined and custom profiles that you have created and saved to your local computer. A profile consists of all options in the Info, Network, Transmit, Display and Admin tabs. It does not include information from the Chan Admin or Chan Auth tabs, nor does it include anything from the Voice Targets or Cmd Targets buttons. Once a profile is selected you need only press the "Load" button to populate the tabs with the saved settings for that profile.  Note: If you wish to assign an existing profile to each new user created then you must press the Load button as each new user is created.

The client includes two pre-defined profiles named Generic User and Generic Admin.

Generic User

This pre-defined profile contains sufficient access rights for an ordinary user of the server but can be modified.

Generic Admin

This pre-defined profile contains sufficient access rights for an ordinary admin. It does not include server admin or any of the more advanced and possible security compromising admin options.

Creating Custom Profiles – You can create custom profiles and save them to your local system using the "Save As" button. These new profiles will show up in the Profiles option each time you open the User Editor.


This button will load the saved settings from the selected "Profile". If you are editing an existing user account then all of the options, minus the Chan Admin and Chan Auth fields, will be replaced with the settings from the saved profile. Pressing the "Update" button will upload the changes to the server.

Save As

This button will save the current settings to a unique Profile name. This name will display in the "Profiles" option for configuration of other user accounts that you might create or edit. Note: It does not include the Chan Admin or the Chan Auth tab settings.

Add / Update

This button will change its title depending upon the function you have selected. If you click the "New" button then this button will change to the "Add" user function. Likewise, if you click on an existing user account name it will change the button to the "Update" function.

Any changes you make to an existing or new account name must be applied to the server. This button will request that the server apply those changes or create the new user account name. At the current time there is no feedback if the request succeeds. If it fails then the server will inform you about the problem.


This button will clear all the fields in all tabs and will switch to the Info tab and set focus to the Login name option. It will also change the Add / Update button to read as "Add". If you already have a Profile selected for the account you are about to create then now would be a good time to click the Load button, or you might wait until you have filled in the Login name and Password fields. The choice is yours as the Load button can be clicked at any time.

Note: You will need to click the Add button in order for the server to create the new account.


This button will delete the account you have selected in the "Current Users" list.

You can delete more then one account at a time by selecting multiple account names. Simply hold down the Control key and select specific names or hold down the Shift key to select an entire range of names quickly. Please be aware that this is very dangerous and the program will ask if you are sure you want to delete multiple accounts before proceeding.


This button can only be used by a Server Admin and is used for re-assigning the "Owner" option of the "Info" tab for a group of users who have a "Current" owner. When you press the button a new window is opened which will ask for the Current owner and the New owner. When you press the OK button it will then tell the server to reassign the Ownership of all accounts that have the Current owner to the New owner.

Why would I want to do this? Suppose You, as the Server Admin, gave the "Add users" right to a friend and over a period of time they added numerous account names. Sometime later this person decides that he no longer wishes to use your server or you decide that they no longer deserve the "Add users" right because they abused it or your admin policies. In either case you would also want the accounts created by this person to be reassigned a new owner. This way the new owner can accept responsibility for these accounts. You can do this for individual accounts one at a time or you can use the Owner(s) button to reassign the ownership of the old admin all at once.

If you are reassigning ownership then you should do so before you delete the account that was the old Owner.

Ownership of any Voice Targets and Commanding Targets is properly transferred as well.

Note: You can only reassign the Owner to an account that has the "Add users" right. This is why the "New owner" list in the popup window will most likely be shorter then the total number of accounts on the server.

Voice Targets

Note: This feature is not supported by the 8 slot public servers.

This button will open the Group Target Editor for the Voice Targets feature.

See the Voice Targets window for details about what Voice Targets are and how they are used.

Cmd Targets

Note: This feature is not supported by the 8 slot public servers.

This button will open the Group Target Editor for the Cmd Targets feature.

See the Commanding Targets window for details about what Cmd Targets are and how they are used.


This button will close the User Editor window. Please be courteous of other admins who have the "Add users" right. As mentioned above only one admin can be in the User Editor window at any given time. If you walk away from your computer with this window open you might be preventing other admins for adding or editing accounts.


This button will display this help page. For further details about features in the individual tabs, please see the links at the top of this page.